Who are the customers and what will it take to make them acquire and use a new product? Targeting a commercial market is putting special demands on a project.

Nothing is easier than having blind faith in the new product and its superior qualities, and to under estimatie the effort it takes to meet real customer needs and to penetrate the market

There can be different recipes, but establishing an extrovert focus is key in making the project true market oriented. Activities may include close cooperation with customers to understand needs and preferences , willingnes and ability to adjust to customer response both before and after launch and dedicated marketing and sales effort.

Asses depency of market response
Assess market needs
Define how to make market aware of new product or service
Obtain early market response to new product or service
Allocate sufficient budget to marketing and sales effort
Align marketing and development activities
Make clear statement on how new product is better than existing ones
Avoid building unrealistic expectations to the new product
Define launch strategy to get early feedback
Can market needs change during a long project
Product or solution not better than competing products or solutions

Problem: The project is initiated with high product ambitions but turns out to create a product that does not differentiate from the competitors.

Consequence: There is a significant risk that the market will not respond positively to the new product.

Market effort is underestimated

Problem: The project underestimates the amount of work it will take to assess market needs and to create market awareness regarding the new product.

Consequence: It may be challenging to realize the business case when the product or a version of it is not known or aligned with market needs.

Market unaware of the new product or solution

Problem: The market is not adequately informed about the upcoming product and its features.

Consequence: The product or solution will be difficult to sell. More effort will have to be put into promoting the product before benefits can be realized (if not too late).

Project not responsive to market needs

Problem: Due to time and resource constraints or lack of market focus, the project may not be building a new solution or a product that meets market needs.

Consequence: When launched, the product or solution will fail to meet market expectations. At worst, the solution is not commercially viable.

Uncertain market response to new product

Problem: Despite multiple options for getting market input during project execution, it is still uncertain how the market will respond until the new solution or service is released.

Consequence: The product or solution might not satisfy the needs of the market. If the market does not respond positively, the business case may be threatened.