Define roles and responsibilities

Taking the time defining and communicating roles and responsibilities can help a project team to understand and find into their roles. The time invested in defining roles is well invested compared with the time that may be wasted if team member are uncertain about the expectations and responsibilities.

Definition of roles and responsibilities can be made as written role descriptions but as important is the dialogue with project team members where the role responsibilities are discussed, adjusted and expectations are being aligned. Role descriptions are often used in the beginning of a project but tend not to be used when the team has been established and has worked together for a while. 

It is both important to communicate roles to each team member but also to the team as a whole, so all aware of the different roles in the project. 


  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Book individual meetings with team members and with the whole team
  • Dialogue with team members about roles
  • Adjust roles based on input


Additional comments

The following content can be part of a role description

  • Name of role
  • Team belonging
  • Reporting relationship
  • Leader role (responsible for)
  • Assignment period and staffing percentage
  • General responsibilities (e.g. QA targets, team contribution, reporting, processes)
  • Specific responsibilities for the role
  • Relationship to other teams inside the project
  • Relationship to external parties
  • Success critera