Create staffing and allocation plan

Staffing plan

The purpose of the staffing plan is to provide an overview of the projects staffing needs and to ensure that named resources are allocated to the project and available when required. Ensuring correct staffing is one the key prerequisites for successful projects

The staffing plan typically contains the following minimum information:

  • Roles required
  • Allocation need per role (typically hours per month)
  • Named resources
  • Actual allocation per named role


Be ready to fight for the resource allocations

It means everything to have the needed resources available when needed. Good resources are always scarce. Be ready to invest it takes to get the required resources allocated

  • Be careful in your planning
  • Be ready to “sell” your project
  • Prepare well for negotiations with resource owners
  • Use the the sponsor to ensure the project is prioritized


Integration with other project processes

The staffing plan is a vital part of planning and it is highly integrated with other processes and tasks. Creating the staffing plan requires a good understanding of the project scope (what shall be made), it is highly integrated with the plan (when are things going to be made) and input to the budget (when are costs incurred)

When is the staffing plan maintained

The staffing plan is typically established in the beginning of a project – make it a good practice to visit the staffing plan iteratively (e.g. monthly)

Right staffing

Remember that it is important with right-staffing. A project can actually be over-staffed. Especially in the beginning of a project it can be a good idea to let a small team start and mature what shall be done before loading too many people to the project. For example it can be necessary for the project owner to build up a product backlog before the full development team is starting.