Define milestones for product development

The purpose of planning product releases is to divide the product development into packages of functionality. Releases can either be internal project releases setting milestones for a project or it can be external releases where packages of new functionality are shipped to customers.

The advantage of a release plan is that it gives different stakeholders an overview of when functionality is planned to be delivered and it allows a project team to focus on the near term release.


  • Release plan (multiple release)
  • Plan for a single release


Key activities

  • Establish and prioritize product backlog
  • Create release plan  
  • Create a plan for single release
  • Monitor and update backlog and release plan on regular basis
  • Communicate release plan


Additional comments

Considerations when creating a release plan and a plan for a specific release further reading

  • What is the most valuable product features?
  • How can early feedback on the product be obtained
  • How can value be optimized given resource and time constraints?
  • Are there risks to be addressed (e.g. by creating a feature early)? 
  • Are there important dependencies between product features?
  • Are there important areas for learning (e.g. by creating a feature early)?