Define the method for collection and documentation of requirements or backlog

The purpose of this action is to define methods for supporting the  product/scope definition process with methods and tools for collection and documentation of product requirements

Key activities:

  • Select methods for collection of requirements
  • Select methods and tools for documentation of requirements
  • Select methods for storage of requirements
  • Document methods
  • Train the team


Collection of requirements

(1) Interviews (2) Workshops (3) Observation (4) Questionnaires (5) Analysis of existing systems (6) Document analysis (further reading)

Documentation of requirements

Various methods for documentation of requirements (in many cases a combination of methods will provide the best result):

  • Written description (good basis, but many words is not always efficient for communication)
  • Tables (gives overview of variants)
  • Data diagrams (various models can be used to describe complex logic e.g. with many steps, involved roles or systems)
  • User interfaces (prototypes (simple or complex) can be used to describe design- and concrete screen logic requirements
  • Use cases or user stories (describes user tasks and user interaction with the system)


Storage of requirements

  • Unique numbering of requirements makes it easier to reference, trace, prioritize and report)
  • Select a tool for storage of requirements (consider an on-line tool rather than a document if there are many participants contributing)